Monetary support

Monetary support to deserving and economically backward students for school fees, admission fees, exam fees, school uniforms etc

(a).Given to a student in Shanmuga Arts and science college, Thiruvannamalai

(b).Cash rewards to class toppers(Class 1 to Class 6) studying in Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram School, Thiuruvannamalai.
Rank 1 = Rs.1000 , Rank 2 = Rs.500 and Rank 3 = Rs.250


(a).Every month on the day of Swathy, we provide annadhanam for about 50 to 70 people in and around Pammal.

(b).Every month we Contribute 25 kgs of rice to a home for Mentally challanged & 25 Kgs of rice to Sidhashram at Thiruvannamalai

(c).Annadhanam to the public during Bhagawan's Jayanthi celebrations and Nama chanting programmes

Disaster relief support to those affected by natural calamities

(a).During Covid times, we distributed 425 Bags of grocery items including 10 Kgs rice, 1 litre oil, one kg Dhal and other items - totally 13 items needed for cooking

(b).During Covid times, distributed 12,000 food Packets to the needy

Contribution to maintenance of GOSALI , Ramji Ashram, Kalahasthi

Devotees contributed for the GOSAMRAKSHANAM to RAMJI GOASHRAMAM at Kalahasthi

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