Yogi Ramsuratkumar Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jaya Guru Raya
Father alone exists. Nothing else. Nobody else.

There is no need for any Japa or Dhyana for you. You are in the company of this Beggar all the time. So you are doing tapas all the time. Your Service to this Beggar will do. Transformation is going on all the time. The greatest Tapas for any one is to stay near one`s Guru and do service to Him. But very few are given this chance


Devotees of Bhagwan have felt the presence of Sri Swamiji with them in their day to day activities. Many have felt the Grace of Bhagwan when they needed help or when they were in joy. It is a pleasure for all the devotees to hear about the grace of Bhagwan.
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14. From: Johann (9/2/2007)
These are my experiences with Bhagwan Yogi Ramsuratkumar in 1973 and 1975.
I am German (so please excuse my English), born in 1952. From January to December 1973 I traveled around in India in search of God. After visiting the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo I went to Whitefield to see Sai Baba. There I met two young German girls, who told me about Yogi Ramsuratkumar. But first we traveled together to Mangolore to the Anandashram. From there I went alone to Tiruvanamalai.There I was told I could find the Yogi outside in the fields. When He saw me, He sprang up and embraced me. He looked deep into my eyes and I had the impression, that He knew me since eternity. It was a very strange feeling. So I asked Him: Do you know me? He answered: You are myself, nothing else.
I stayed about 3 weeks in Tiruvanamalai before leaving for Madras to attend a meditation course conducted by the burmese teacher Goenka. In the late afternoon I used to sit down with others around the Yogi outside of the temple. We bought for Him sweets, cigarettes and food. And He chanted with us. It was like: Aum Sir Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram Aum, Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram Aum, and another: Jai Hanuman, Jai Hanuman Jaya Jaya Hanuman. We all could feel strong vibrations filling the space. And we could feel the bad vibrations of those men, who came and tried to provoke Him. They could not stand it and had to leave the place. Swamiji did not teach anything. It was His presence, His smile and laughter, which enlightened us.
After returning back to Germany I wanted to see Him again and to stay with Him a longer time. In spring 1975 I went again to Tiruvanamalai and remained for 3 month. During this time I read a book about Zen-Buddism. Yogi suggested that it would be good for me to go along with a American couple to Japan to study Zen, which I did. Alas Zen wasn’t my path to enlightenment at that time, so I went to Thailand, but instead becoming a buddhist monk there I married a Thaigirl and came back to my home. Today I plan to retire to Thailand.
It was a great joy to me to find Swamijis name and site in the internet and to find out that He has still so many devotees and that it was built an ashram for Him and to see Him in the video clips. He surely influenced my spiritual life. I still feel His loving presence looking at His pictures, which I enclose. I also own a booklet about Him called: The Child of God.
Some years after leaving India I had a dream where He came down the Sacred Hill and guided me towards a young master, which I did not recognize. After many years following different ways to Truth I have found my way in A Course in Miracles.
God bless You all.

13. From: G.Venkateswaran(21/9/2005)
Hare Krishna…!
Yesterday noon (20-Sep-05) I was reading an article at this site written by the devotee about her personal experience with Yogi Ramsuratkumar.
There she narrated that Yogi asked her to chant “Sriram Jayaram Jayajaya Ram” during her operation/delivery. She obeyed but while giving birth to the baby she couldn’t think of the holy name as her pain supersedes her faith to chant the mantra. Also she was in full consciousness though she had the pain-killer injection on her backbone prior to the operation.
Then she heard the voice of Yogi saying “Pl chant the holy name. It surely overcomes the pain”. She couldn’t obey those words till she delivered the baby. Only then she could remember the holy words and started chanting the mantras and immediately went to unconscious stage. She felt ashamed and upon her next visit, she prostrated to yogi and begged Him to forgive her for refusing His orders initially, for which Yogi said “It’s perfectly alright. I realize the pain of a woman during delivery”.
On reading this, I chuckled myself saying “How come one can forget the Guru and his mantras during any stage”
Yesterday nite around 10:00PM while I was chanting the mantra in bed, I heard the 80’s popular tamil song in TV (the channel is K TV) and without my knowledge I forgot the mantra and started singing the song myself. Thus I heard the voice saying “See it’s difficult for you to remember my name when you are hearing your favorite song, though you are in the utmost comfort stage. That devotee, the article you have read in the noon, was having extreme twinge during her operation but still manage to remember my name. THAT’S GREAT FOR ME. Never comment about anything or anyone in life”
It is difficult, rather impossible, to make others understand Godliness by explaining what it is. Godliness is something which should be experienced and realized within the self.
“Yogi Ramsuratkumar Yogi Ramsuratkumar Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jaya Guru Raaya !!”
Venkatesh - Marathahalli – Bangalore
12. From: N.Geetha (27/7/2004)
Only by Bhagavan's kind blessings one can be his devotee and worshipper. In that way I feel  very lucky. Swamiji's miracles are very kind full and not expressive easily. From Mathaji Devaki to me, everybody of his devotees feel his kind blessings. A simple thing to know his kindness, " WHEREEVER AND WHENEVER HIS DIVINE NAMA IS BEING CHANTED, SWAMIJI IS THERE TO BLESS HIS CHILDREN AND CARE THEM WITH THE LOVE OF MOTHER". Many times, I have felt the power and holiness of his nama. He never fails to care the person who chants his nama. Bhagavan's nama and his lotus feet are the very strong hope in my life.
Always praying his holy feet,
A humble devotee,
11. From: R.S.Sriram (22/10/2003)
Herewith I am sending some of the experiences with Bhagwan Yogiramsuratkumar.
My name is Sriram the greatest moment of my life took place in the yr 1997 when I was 20yrs old
I was doing my 3rd yr college at Loyola Chennai I had an opportunity in making friends with a senior whose family were great devotees of Bhagwan they are the Agsar family, it was in the year 1995 this friend sent me an invitation of his sisters marriage inside the invitation there was a photograph of Bhagwan.  I did not know why but I cut and kept that picture alone and I completely forgot about it.
Then during august 1997 my friend told me that he is going to Thiruvannamalai to visit a saint I wasn’t interested because I had no proper idea of a saint he pleaded me to come with him I wasn’t interested in meeting any saint but I wanted to go to the Arunachala temple because I heard from my parents that my grandfather used to visit the Arunachala temple every yr and offer food to the poor so I also agreed to go with my friend  hoping the trip would bring some luck to me by visiting the Arunachala temple so my friend from the Agsar family, another friend and myself started to the holy Arunachala early in the morning we reached Thiruvannamalai around 8:30am I heard from my friend that  the saint Yogiji would come around 10am and give Darshan so since we had time I wanted to go to the Arunachala temple so I got dropped at the temple and had Darshan of Arunachaleeswarar and we finally made it to the ashram at 10am  the attenders of Bhagwan told all the devotees to stand on the line I didn’t know why suddenly a car came and in it was seated an old man looking like a swami my friend told me that this is Yogiji. Mathaji was also seated then we were told to come around his statue in the hall and all of us were to do Namaskarams to him by lying on the ground I felt shy since it wasn’t the custom. I did it just for the sake then. We sat down with the disciples. I observed Bhagwan he was smoking continuously and there was some chanting going on. I felt blank then my friend told that we can leave while leaving he gave some donation to the Ashram authorities for which he was given a very beautiful picture of Bhagwan and a big souvenir of Bhagwan so we had lunch in the ashram after that we left I asked my friend on the way about Bhagwan he said that he had done tapas somewhere then my friend gave me the photo and the big book of Bhagwan I felt happy then after we reached Chennai I read the book it contained some experiences of the devotees  had with Bhagwan   I was somewhat  impressed. Then due to circumstances our family settled in Chennai where I placed the photo of Bhagwan in my bedroom. I used to see the pictures of Bhagwan in the book it was for a year I was not studying this was the year 1998 a great change started taking place in my life in the presence of Bhagwan
I started reading about saints and started liking saints and their life ii was very much inspired by the teachings of the saints I started meditation without any physical guidance but I didn’t realize that Bhagwan was shaping my spiritual life then I had the urge to meet Bhagwan so I wanted to start the following day by bike to Thiruvannamalai but that night there was a heavy storm in Chennai so I couldn’t make it after some days   I started chanting Yogiramsuratumar all the time most of my previous tendencies changed  day by day I could feel the presence of Bhagwan growing stronger in my life  during the late nights I used to meditate and chant the name of Bhagwan  I used to smell flowers inside my room and I used to feel a divine force inside my room there were many days in the nights I  used to wait for Bhagwan to appear before me he used to come to me in my dreams then days followed it was in the year 1999 I was alone in my room I suddenly had an urge to meet Bhagwan it was around 12:45pm I took some money and started to Thiruvannamalai all alone in my bike and reached there at 4:30pm  I entered the hall of Bhagwan as I entered the hall I saw Bhagwan seated he saw me for a long time I sat and was totally absorbed in him  then  there I had the privilege of seeing one Mr. Lee the famous devotee of Bhagwan he was talking about Bhagwan.   Then I wanted to leave again to Chennai but something struck and I visited Ramasharam on the way and was lost deep into the divine atmosphere then next day after visiting the hill I left for Chennai, after this trip I became more spiritual in life in spite of my confused worldly life, there are many more incidents were I met Bhagwan but I have never talked with him all I knew was that he was my guru and he knew me well there are quite a few strange experiences which I had with Bhagwan almost all are spiritual  experiences which I will enclose latter.
The greatest experience I had with Bhagwan I would like to mention now.
It was during the year 2001 20 Feb.   I was half asleep around 3:14 am or so I had a vision it can’t be a dream because I wasn’t asleep I saw Bhagwan in a small room seated on a sofa there were some people with him. I am unable to recognize them the room had a chair on which Bhagwan was seated and I was standing close to him he was laid seated in the chair and     I could see him attaining samadhi.  I started crying.  I don’t know how long the vision lasted. I woke up in the morning and completely forgot about the vision I went to a friends office where he told me that Bhagwan attained samadhi I was shocked and thought about the vision I knew that Bhagwan samadhi can never make him go away from his devotees then after a few months time I went to the ashram again there I prayed before Bhagwan’s samadhi then behind the samadhi there was a room where Bhagwan attained samadhi I was surprised because it was the same room I saw in my vision where Bhagwan had attained nirvana I became little emotional. Everything I saw in my vision was there and it was the 1st time I am seeing this particular room Then I left the ashram
Bhagwan had given me the Darshan of his samadi to me 190kms away. Bhagwan is still guiding me spiritually and most of his ways cannot be understood by me but one thing I am sure Bhagwan will never leave his devotee go astray for some he gas given spiritual wealth and to some material wealth according to their karma anyhow I have lived and seen one of the last greatest saint in the world
R.S.Sriram , Chennai

10. From: Dr G.Chidambaran (1/9/2002)
Once I went to TV Malai to get His Blessings at His THERADI Residence, along with me there were, my wife, my son, my wife's niece, my aunt, my doctor friend & his mother. We went by state transport corporation bus. When we reached the outskirts of TV malai, we were stopped by the police force. We were told that a riot had taken place in the town & we would not be allowed inside, till calm was restored. I prayed to Arunachala! Suddenly our driver took our bus boldly to the town. To our surprise there was peace & calm!
When I met Swamiji at HIS THERDI Residence, I narrated that incident & how in a miraculous manner we were saved. Swamiji said it was GOD'S GRACE.
Then I found HIM feeling very uneasy & physically uncomforatable. We were watching helplessly & at the same time we were praying. Knowing that I was a doctor He asked me to give him some medicine for His gastric problem. I told HIM I would get HIM from the market. To my surprise not a single Medical Shop was open due to an All India Strike. I went back to SWAMIJI & told HIM what I saw there. He smiled in spite of HIS stomach discomfort.
He went to the back yard & there He vomited in the bathroom & He came back & sat in front of us. HE was smiling & looked afresh. HE looked very normal.
We prayed at HIS FEET. While taking leave, HE asked my wife's niece why she was not wearing Bangles? Immediatly it stuck me that I only told my wife to ignore if her niece was not wearing Bangles, while leaving for TV Malai, that morning .We understood that she should wear Bangles  & she did it very soon  & she got married in six month's time. SWAMIJI 's COMPASSION is IMMEASURABLE!. It Is Always There!
9. From: Dr.G.Chidambaram (16/8/2002)
I am one of those who are blessed to meet the BHAGHVAN on several occasions due to DIVINE WILL!
Once met him in his THAERADY HOUSE I was accompanied by my wife & my son. We prostrated before him .He greeted us with a beautiful smile & made to us sit in front of him in the enclosed VARANDHA in a unique way.! There my son was made to sit by the side of Him near the footsteps leading to inner room After a brief dialogue, while departing, HE held my son's left hand & gripped it twice. After a month or so, he [my son] fell down from the cross-bar & fractured his left hand It tuned out to be a less serious fracture & it healed perfectly well with Plaster Cast I recalled then the meaning of SWAMIJI HOLDING his left hand at the end of  our meeting with HIM .WE were overwhelmed by HIS COMPASSION!
Dr G.CHIDAMBARAN/16-08-02 
8. From: S.Govindarajan (10/3/2002)
District Judge (Retired)
My recent experience:
Today being the first Aradhana Day of Bagawan, I am offering my pranams at the Holy Feet of Bagawan .
Though we are missing the physical presence of Bagawan, our prayers to Him with utmost faith and devotion, whenever we face a difficult situation, will certainly makes us feel His invisible hand at work
On this occasion, I wish to share with other devotees, my recent experience, which would reflect the absolute truth of the aforesaid statement.
Quite recently, on a particular day, I found my driving license, registration certificate of my vehicle and other related documents, kept in a small folder missing and my frantic search for those records proved futile. Then, the only course open to me was to approach the concerned authorities and apply for duplicate copies of those records. But, I came to know that the process was not that much easy . The authorities required proof for the loss of documents such as First Information report to the police and my affidavit about the loss of the records. I could realize that there will be considerable waste of time and money in such exercise.
Placed in that situation, I made fervent prayers to Bagawan to come to my help.
Before ever I took concrete steps to apply for duplicate copies of the records, I proceeded to a shop, where I had given the photo of Bagawan for lamination about 10 days earlier thereto, to collect the photo. When I went there, to my surprise, the attendant in the shop asked me to wait, went inside, brought the folder containing the missing documents and told me that the folder was found under the table of the owner of the shop 10 days earlier and he was retaining it, thinking that some customer should have dropped it there. He also said that from the photo in the driving license has enabled him to identify me. as the person who had dropped the folder there.
I got back the lost documents along with the laminated photo of Bagawan. Further, I also got the message of Bagawan  "THIS BEGGAR IS ALWAYS WITH YOU. WHAT THIS BEGGAR NEEDS IS ONLY YOUR FAITH AND DEVOTION"
7. From : Mukundan (9/3/2001)
I had the oppportunity of Swamiji's blessing (his great rap on head and shoulders) in 1984. Then, he directed to go to Ahmedabad for further studies-there has been no looking back in my career since then. 
We at home still visit Tiruvanamalai and make it a point to visit the Ashram. During the past few years, all that we have had is a glimpse of him than the usual chat or rap. At times I used to feel dissappointed, not realising the fact that he is with us, does take care of us in various forms, a form which one has to learn to comprehend.
Jai Shri Ram. 
6. From : Sundararajan Padmanaban (24/1/2001)

5. From : Sundararajan Padmanaban (24/1/2001)

4. From : S.GOVINDARAJAN(Retired district judge)(Chennai) (21/12/2000)
   After my transfer to Madurai from Tiruvannamalai.in 1976, I had many occasions to be at the Holy Feet of Bagawan. At that time, Bagawan had a fixed abode in Sannadhi street, Tiruvannamalai. During those visits for two or three days, I was blessed to be with Bagawan. in the house at Sannadhi Street. Devotees from different places used to come there to have His darshan from morning to evening. The entire atmosphere will be charged with motherly love and affection. Bagawan will ask some of the devotees to either sing or chant the name of the “Beggar”. He will also chant Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram at times.
    On one occasion, a German couple came to Bagawan for darshan. The lady was a Professor in some university and her husband was an Artist. Bagawan was in serious discussion with the lady, about her activities in the literary field. All the time, the artist husband was silently observing Bagawan. Suddenly, the attention of Bagawan turned towards the artist husband. Bagawan asked him “ what is that you are observing in this beggar for such a long time”. In reply, he said “I am just observing whether I could draw your portrait ”. Immediately. With a roaring laughter, Bagawan asked him “ how long will you take, to draw a portrait of this beggar”. With tears swelling in his eyes, he said “the whole of my lifetime” . The reply of the German artist only reflects the tremendous impact of Bagawan’s dharshan in him. 
   During one of my visits to have darshan of Bagawan, I found Bagawan alone in the house at Sannadhi Steet and he was then preparing to go to the temple. It was around 11 a.m. Bagawan said “ There will be Laksha deepam in Sri Arunachaleswar Temple in the evening. This beggar wants to remain in the temple for the whole of the day. You should also be with this beggar till then”. Thereupon, I followed Bagawan to the Temple and we were sitting in the “Praharam” till the evening. On enquiry, I came to know that certain Industralist at Calcutta had been asked to lit Lakshdeepam in the Temple, by His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, who was then the Junior Acharya of Kanchi Mutt and I conveyed the information to Bagawan. In the evening, at the time, when the deepams were lit, the mother of Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal came to the temple along with some of the attendants of Kanchi Mutt, for darshan. When I communicated this to Bagawan, suddenly, he got up . rushed to the praharam of the temple, where the mother of Junior Acharya was coming and offered pranams to her by kneeling down before her. The mother of Acharya felt embarrassed by such an unexpected event. Observing that, Bagavan told her then “ You are the Mother, who has given the Great Acharya to the world and has to be respected by everyone”. This “leela” of Bagawan is to impress upon all of us about the higher values to be observed in our life, getting rid of the “ego”. in us. 
   To my knowledge, Bagawan had not gone anywhere from Tiruvannamalai, ever since he came there, barring one or two visits to Tapovanam. at Tirukovilur. During 1981, I had been to Tiruvannamalai with my daughter. who was doing her Internship after completing a course in Medicine. for the darshan of Bagawan. Straight from the Bus Stand, we went to Sannadhi Street house, around 12 noon At that time, I found a person sitting in the hall and Bagawan walking hither and thither, in deep contemplation. This continued for nearly two hours. and even more.. Usually, Bagawan used to make kind enquiries about all the other members of my family, as soon as I reach his Holy Feet. 
   On that occasion, there was no such enquiry at all and practically, we were ignored. I was unable to make out anything from the situation there. Immediately, Bagawan asked me and my daughter “Are you free to come along with this Beggar, wherever this beggar goes” without telling any of the details. The gentleman, who was sitting there, was simply staring at us and we did’nt have the guts to ask him anything at that time. I told Bagawan “yes” not knowing what he meant. Then, he said * both of you should be with this beggar – it may be one week or 10 days or even a month. Are you ready”. Again, My daughter and I said “yes”. Immediately, he asked me to collect the fruits available there in a bag, which I did. Then, He took the key and and asked us to start. . It was then around 3.00 p.m. After locking the house, Bagawan rushed to the Taxi stand, opposite to Anbu Theatre, He got into a Taxi and asked us to get into it. The gentleman. who was with us, took the front seat and my daughter and I sat in the rear seat with Bagawan. Even after getting into the car, the destination was not disclosed either to us or to the driver. For some time, the driver was in a fix, not knowing what to do. Then, Bagawan told me “ ask the driver to take us to Kanchipuram. We must be there before Sunset”. Then, I instructed the driver to proceed to Kanchipuram and told him that we should be there before Sunset. After covering some distance, Bagawan told me, pointing out the gentleman in the front seat. “ This Chandramouli had been sent to this beggar by Paramacharya with a direction to take this beggar in a taxi to Govindapuram in Thanjavur District, where one of the previous Acharyas of the Kanchi Mutt had taken Samadhi This beggar was unable to take a decision whether to go to Govindapuram or not. That was why you were asked whether you could accompany this beggar. Ultimately, by Father’s grace. this beggar is able to take a decision to go to Kanchipuram instead of Govindapuram, because, for this beggar, Kanchipuram is Govindapuram, when Great Paramacharya is there. Your timely presence has helped this beggar to take a decision and act upon it”. Thereafter, Chandramouli started explaining the whole event. He was telling that in Govindapuram, persons practicing meditation. who have reached a higher level, are able to hear the chanting of “ram nam” by the Acharya, who is in Samadhi and that was why Paramacharya was particular that Bagawan should visit that place and directed him to take Him there. Considering the distance factor from Tiruvannamalai to Kanchipuram and also the unsatisfactory road condition, a doubt was lingering in our mind, as to whether we could reach Kanchipuram before Sunset. Usually, after Sunset, it will not be possible to have darashan of Paramacharya, because, he will retire in a secluded place . Quite unexpectedly, the car developed some mechanical trouble on the way and it had to be attended to by a Mechanic for some time. With all these, we were able to reach Kanchipuram around 6.30 p.m. and we were told that Paramacharya had gone inside from the place of darshan. Even then, in the situation in which he was placed, Chandramouli did not relent and while he was checking up with the attendant as to whether he could convey some information to Paramacharya, he was called by Paramacharya from inside. He went in and conveyed to Paramacharya that Yogi had preferred to come to Kanchipuram and had come.
   Upon this information, Paramacharya came out, breaking the usual routine, with a smile and raising his hand in a blessing posture.. All the time, I could observe Bagawan standing with eyes closed and offering pranam by holding the hands together. Paramacharya stood there with a smile for about 5 minutes. Bagawan asked me to place the fruits taken with us, in a plate. Paramacharya offered Prasad to Bagawan. Then, Paramacharya asked Chandramouli to take back Bagawan to Tiruvannamalai and leave Him there and went in. Immediately thereafter, His Holiness Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, at present Junior Acharya of the Mutt was seen passing through that side and when Chandramouli told Junior Acharya that the Swamiji had come from Tiruvannamalai, he said that he had seen Him number of times, while he was undergoing study at Polur. Junior Acharya also asked Chandramouli to take back Swamiji to Tiruvannamalai and went away. Thereafter, the Mutt attendants and several other devotees of the Acharya, who were in the Mutt premises, rushed towards Bagawan, on hearing about His arrival at the Mutt and prostrated before Him. Bagawan told me “ Govindraj ji. Tell them that It is not proper to do like that at the mutt premises of Great Acharya”. After we came out of the mutt and got into the car, Bagawan told me and my daughter “You have helped this Beggar to have the darshan of Great Paramacharya. You are starving from the afternoon . Ask the driver to stop the car in front of some hotel and eat something” Accordingly, when the car was stopped in front of a hotel on a wayside village, a big crowd gathered there to have darashan of Bagawan, on hearing about his passing through their place.The hotel keeper became emotional on seeing Bhagawan in front of his hotel He prepared good stuff and gave them to us. Then, we reached Tiruvannamalai around 9 p.m. When Bagawan paid some amount to the taxi driver towards the fare, he refused to accept it and prostrated before Him. However, Bagawan tapped him on his back and made him to accept the amount, saying “you have helped this beggar to have the darashan of Great Acharya” At that time,. Chandramouli said that the he had kept the funds provided by the Mutt for taking Bagawan to Govindapuram in the Lodge and that he would pay for the taxi out of that amount. But, Bagawan turned down the offer saying “ This beggar had not followed the instructions of Paramacharya .When Paramacharya wanted this beggar to go to Govindapuram, this beggar went to Kanchipuram. So, it is not proper to utilise the funds of the Mutt for the trip to Kanchipuram.. You may return the amount given to you to the Mutt”.
   It is only due to the “punya” gained in the previous birth, my daughter and I were blessed with the rarest of the rare opportunities in life, to accompany Bagawan to Kanchipuram and have the darshan of Bagawan and Paramacharya simultaneously.
   This incident has been briefly referred to in the article written by Hon’ble Justice T.S.Arunachalam in his article “Globe’s Beacon Light at Nagareshu Kanchi” in Kanchi mutt Souvenir , available in the website www.kamakoti .org 
   The devotees of Bagawan will be interested to know that the driver of the taxi, engaged for the trip to Kanchi is blessed to serve the Ashram, at the Holy Feet of Bagawan, at present.
   My Pranams to the Holy Feet of Bagawan. 
3. From : VISWANATHAN RAJARMAN(Boston,USA) (18/12/2000)
  I am Viswanathan Rajarman, 25, Software Engineer, Boston. I would like to share my personal experience with Shri Yogiram. It was 1992, i was with my parents at Villupuram studying at +2. I was happy at that time, because i stood first in the district. I was hoping that i would get into a good Engineering College. But unfortunately, during that year state government did not consider Intermediate marks. So eventhough i had good score it was of no use and i did not get admission to an Engineering College. Atlast without any choices left, i joined BSc in Bishop H' College, Trichy. I was not able to concentrate on my studies, as i lost my interest. Meanwhile my father became a devotee of swamiji. He has taken me to swamiji. I had my first darshan of swamiji in 1992, June. After my father explained my problem to swamiji, swamiji told me that i would get into a good Engineering College soon. After hearing I just cried on that day at the lotus feet of swamiji. The following week i got into a Regional Engineering College! You never know how happy i was at that time. After joining the college, there were so many problems at which swamiji has helped me in solving it. I can never forget those experiences.Swamiji has helped a lot in the past 8 years. My whole family is a devotee of Swamiji,.I will remember Swamiji throughout my life time.I request the readers to do just the following. TRUST, PRAY,AND REMEMBER Swamiji always.
Wish you all the best for the upcoming New year, 2001. Let us all pray together for the well being of our lovely god Shri Shri Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Next time when I visit Chennai (mostly middle of 2001) I will visit Thiruvannamalai with my family members.
2. From : S.GOVINDARAJAN(Retired district judge) (8/12/2000)
It was mid 1976, when I was under orders of transfer to Madurai, after my tenure of office as a Judge at Tiruvannamalai for a period of three years. During my stay there, I had occasions to observe Bagawan passing through the railway track, close to my residence, at a hectic speed, in the mornings and evenings, followed by two or three persons, with head loads of news papers.
   Once, on the day of Maha Kumbabishegam in Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple, I accompanied my Chief Justice, when he approached Bagawan and sought His blessings, at the terrace of the temple at the time of Kumbabishegam. Somehow, I had spent three years at Tiruvannamalai, not knowing what I was really missing, because, I had not gone to Him even once, to feel his 'aura". It was only when I was waiting for my reliever, after getting the order of transfer, it struck me that I should go to Bagawan and seek His grace, on the eve of my departure to Madurai from Tiruvannamalai. At that time, Bagawan used to remain under a "pinna"tree close to the railway goods yard, facing the Holy Mountain Arunachala, from morning to evening and return to the "Theradi"near the temple for His sojourn during nights. Under the shade of Pinna tree, people from various places used to come to have His darshan and sit on the mats provided there to find solace in His presence.
  On the day next to my receiving the order of transfer, I asked my attendant to go to the place where Bagawan was seated and observe from a distance, whether there was a big gathering there. Accordingly, my attendant went there and while he was observing from a distance, Bagavan noticed him, called him close by and  after enquiring who he was, told him "you ask your master to come" He was sent back, with a handful of fruits to be given to me. Overwhelmed by the motherly call of Bagawan, I went to that place with my wife and children, carrying some edibles and tea for Him. While I prostrated before him, there was a heavy pat on my back by Him, with a roaring laughter. We remained there for about three hours and I felt that I had missed something great for three years. From that day onwards, for nearly three weeks, I made it a point to go to Bagawan under the pinna tree, with my family, in the afternoon and remain there till the departure of Bagawan from there in the evening. Needless it is to say, it was a period of total bliss that we enjoyed in His presence on all those days. Two days earlier to my departure, Bagawan said, "This beggar wants to spend the whole of tomorrow with Govindraj ji and his family" and asked me to come there even in the morning on the next day.On the next morning, while I was preparing to go to Bagawan with my family, I got the message that one of the Judges of the Madras High Court had come to Bagawan with his family, accompanied by a renowned Tamil Scholor, who was also an ardent devotee of Bagawan. Necessarily, I had to keep myself away, until the Judge left the place. Time was passing and I was feeling restless every moment, until I got the information that the entire party had left the place by 4.30 p.m. Immediately, I rushed to the place, with my family, at least to have the darshan of Bagawan, because, it was the time for Bagawan to leave the place and return to Theradi. After parking my car on the other side of the railway track, I ran towards the place, where Bagawan would remain. Bagawan, who was just then preparing to leave, saw me running towards Him. He also rushed towards me, held my hands tight, stood in total silence for a few moments by keeping his eyes closed and then said "This beggar is missing you from morning onwards". Then, he took us under the shade of pinna tree and asked us to sit close to him, saying"This beggar wanted to spend the whole day with you and your family, but, Father had willed it otherwise. It does not matter, even it is late" Then, He made enquiries about the route that I would be taking on the next day, to reach Madurai. When I mentioned about the shortest route to Madurai, He said that I should proceed to Madras and meet my mother-in-law, who was very old then and thereafter, go to Poondi to have darshan of Poondi Mahan, then to Ratnagiri to have darshan of Sri Balamurugan, then to Pudukottai to have darshan of Sri Sandananda Swamigal of Bhuvaneswari Peetam and then go to Madurai. At that time, my wife, who was sobbing from the beginning, cried out to Bagawan "Swamiji. From tomorrow onwards, I will be missing you. My husband can come over to Tiruvannamali at any time, he desires to have darshan of Swamiji. What about me? I have household commitments" On seeing her, I too became emotional and I could observe that Bagawan also got moved. Immediately, in an assuring voice, Bagawan said "Mother: What? if you are not able to come over here. You have Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple at Madurai. As and when you feel like seeing this beggar, you can go to the Temple and see my Father Lord Sundareswara. There, you will find this beggar". While he made such utterance, I could observe His whole figure becoming reddish and in my vision, he looked like "Agni Pizhambu" Then, he came back to his normal, blessed all of us, when we prostrated before him, gave a basket of fruits brought by the Judge and party. to my daughter for wayside munching and said "Now, it is time for all of you to leave". With tears swelling in our eyes, we left the place. On the way, my wife informed me that she too experienced the same vision, as I had, when Bagawan gave the assured message to her. It was indeed a blissful event in our life, which I would like to share with the other devotees of Bagawan. After reaching Madurai, implicitly following the instructions of Bagawan, I had the fortune of remaining at the Feet of Bagawan continuously for one or two days, on several occasions. Experiences, which we could not even dream of, had happened on those occasions and if I am permitted by the Ashram, I will come forward with the details.
Presently, I shall conclude, saying that every moment, all the members of my family are feeling the presence of Bagawan with us, because, His invisible hand is at work providing necessary guidance to us in respect of any matter.
My Pranams to the Holy Feet Bagawan.
1. From : S. PADMANABAN (8/11/2000)
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