Yogi Ramsuratkumar Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jaya Guru Raya
Father alone exists. Nothing else. Nobody else.

There is no need for any Japa or Dhyana for you. You are in the company of this Beggar all the time. So you are doing tapas all the time. Your Service to this Beggar will do. Transformation is going on all the time. The greatest Tapas for any one is to stay near one`s Guru and do service to Him. But very few are given this chance


Bhagwan Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram is at Agraharakollai in Chengam Road, Thiruvannamalai. It has a very spacious hall and can accommodate 4000 people at one time. Bhagwan’s Mahasamadhi is inside the hall and a temple has been constructed to house bhagwan in the form of the Siva Lingam. Annadhanam and Bhojan for Sadus are provided everyday.    
A Kindergarten School in the name of Bhagawan Yogi Ramsuratkumer is run by the Ashram.It runs on the foundation of our culture, dharma and tradition. A free medical camp is organised by the Ashram on every second sunday. Medicines are provided free of cost. To accommodate more devotees, a dormitory is under construction inside the Ashram. Devotees can send their contributions to the Ashram Address
A very spacious hall that can accommodate 4000 people at one time attracts devotees. The bronze statue of Bhagwan is located centrally. The Mahasamadhi is at one end of the hall where a temple has been constructed. Daily Bajans are conducted in this hall between 10A.M to 12 Noon and 4P.M. to 6P.M., besides daily Pooja and Abishekam for the Sivalingam is performed both morning and evening. The Temple is open for public from 5A.M. to 12 Noon in the morning and 4P.M. to 8P.M. in the evening everyday..Special Poojas are performed on Thursdays and festival days. Besides devotees can request for poojas to be performed on their important dates. Prasadams will be sent to them by mail. Devotees can participate in the poojas and get the prasadam in person.
Sculptors based near Ranchi made a statue of Bhagwan with special Fibre and  and it was brough to the Ashram with lot of care and placed near the Bhagwan’s Statue. Devotees feel the presence of Bhagwan after seeing the statue.

Swamiji used to say that the Vedapatasala is the heart of the Ashram. There are proposals to induct Veda research scholars in this patasala. At present a green marble statue is placed in the vedapatasala. The statue was made in Italy by an Italian sculptor who has not seen Swamiji at all. He had carved the statue after seeing a photograph of Bhagwan. Devotees can see the statue between 9A.M to 10A.M in the morning  and 6P.M to 7P.M. in the evening. There is a library with lot of books on veda for the benefit of the research scholars. 
Yogi Ramsuratkumar research foundation for asian culture was formed and Seminars on Ramayana, influence of Sanskrit, on various Indian Cultures , jeevan Mukthas of Bharatham were conducted and many  more subjects in the offing
In the Mahasamadhi area, a Sivalinga is installed now. Apart from a Saligrama, for which daily Abisheka and Pooja, with chanting of Upanishad, Rudra, Chamaka and Purushasuktha, are performed. The Mahakumbhabhishekam of the newly consecrated Adhishtanam of Bhagwan Yogi Ramsuratkumar was celebrated on 27th June 2004  
This is a monthly journal published by the Ashram.The journal contains articles about the Life History of Bhagwan, Experiences of the devotees with Bhagwan, and sayings of Bhagwan and extracts from the epics. Devotees are requested to contribute articles for the journal. Please send the articles to the Ashram.
The annual subscription for the journal is Rs 300/.  Kindly send a demand draft for Rs 300/ drawn in favour of Yogi Ramsuratkumar trust, Thiruvannamalai to the Ashram address

The Sannadhi Street House where Bhagwan resided between 1976 and 1993, the Sudama House which was under Bhagawan’s occupation from late 1993 and the Abode inside the Ashram, where Bhagwan spent His later days , is converted into memorials and kept open for devotees during fixed hours daily.All manuscripts, pictures, negatives, videos, compact discs,books, and all other articles used and relating to Bhagawan, is preserved, in the form of Archives.

Devotees can perform Nithya Pooja and Annadhanam on the days they feel important for them.
We give below the expected expenses for daily Pooja/Annadhanam.
1) Daily Pooja for one day                                                  Rs501/-
2) Daily Pooja with Annadhanam for one day                     Rs2101/-
3) Daily Pooja with Special Annadhanam for one day         Rs2501/-
Devotees may indicate their options to us and we will on those dates indicated complete the desire with Bhagwan’s blessings and send the Prasadam through post. Also devotees can participate in person and get the Prasadam with Bhagwan’s blessings.
Besides the Daily Pooja, we seek Bhagwan’s blessings to perform special Pooja on the birth star of of our Bhagwan every month and on every Thursday (Guruvaram). These expenses will also be included in the daily Pooja expenses

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